「Introducing New Resource Management Policies using a Virtual Machine Monitor」[情報処理学会論文誌 コンピューティングシス


「Introducing New Resource Management Policies using a Virtual Machine Monitor」


 Integrating new resource management policies into operating systems (OSes) is an ongoing process. Despite innovative policy proposals being developed, it is unrealistic to widely deploy a new one because it is a difficult, costly and often an impractical endeavor to modify an existing operating system to integrate a new policy. To address this problem, we explore the possibility of using virtual machine technology to incorporate a new policy into an existing OS without the need to make any changes to it. This paper describes FoxyTechnique, which virtualizes physical devices differently from real ones and tricks a guest OS into producing behavior similar to a desired policy. FoxyTechnique has three advantages. First, it allows us to implement a new policy without the need to make any changes to OS kernels. Second, Foxy-based policies are expected to be portable across different operating systems because they are isolated from guest OSes by stable virtual hardware interfaces. Finally, Foxy-based policies

sometimes outperform guest OS policies because they can measure performance indicators more accurately than guest OSes. To demonstrate the usefulness of FoxyTechnique, we conducted two case studies, FoxyVegas and FoxyIdle, on the Xen virtual machine monitor. FoxyVegas and FoxyIdle tricked the original Linux and successfully mimicked TCP Vegas and Idletime scheduling, respectively.



山田 浩史 君

 1981 年生まれ.2004 年電気通信大学電気通信学部情報工学科卒業.2009 年慶應義塾大学大学院理工学研究科開放環境科学専攻後期博士課程修了.現在,慶應義塾大学理工学部特別研究助教.博士(工学).平成 20 年度情報処理学会山下記念研究賞受賞.仮想マシン技術,オペレーティングシステム等のシステムソフトウェアに興味を持つ.ACM,USENIX,情報処理学会各会員.

河野 健二 君

 1993 年東京大学理学部情報科学科卒業.1997 年東京大学大学院理学系研究科情報科学専攻博士課程中退,同専攻助手に就任.現在,慶應義塾大学理学部情報工学科准教授.博士(理学).平成 11 年度情報処理学会論文賞受賞.平成12年度山下記念研究賞受賞.オペレーティングシステム,システムソフトウェア,インターネットセキュリティに興味を持つ.IEEE/CS,ACM,USENIX 各会員.